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Image by Jon Tyson

With an in-house team of equitable communications and environmental justice professionals, we can help guide difficult conversations and reviews that help organizations and individuals develop a stronger DEI and justice foundation, ultimately improving digital strategy and equitable communications.


Injustice permeates institutions and bias can be found in most institutions and individuals. Just because this is the way of the world doesn’t mean you can’t help change it. No two DEI journeys are the same, so we meet you where you are on your journey to offer intentional guidance and feedback design for meaningful and impactful progress.


Services include:

  • Content Review and Recommendations for Language Inclusivity, DEI Frameworks, and Decolonization of Language

  • Equitable Partnerships Outreach and Facilitation

  • Equitable Policy Programs Analysis, Development, and Recommendations

  • Organizational DEI Analysis & Support

  • DEI Journey and Committee Facilitation

  • DEI and Justice Trainings

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