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Instilling DEI Values into a National Ocean Coalition

López-Wagner Strategies and ALRAS Digital led a four-month process to create a comprehensive report for instilling Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) into the internal processes, organizational mechanisms, and policy programs of the National Ocean Protection Coalition.

Our team designed a half-day workshop with the NOPC leadership team to explore organizational wisdom and processes, understand DEI perceptions and ambitions, and offer a series of trainings and exercises founded on research and two decades of experience in environmental and social justice work.

In order to gather an extensive set of data for a broader understanding of members’ understandings of DEI, ALRAS Digital conducted two comprehensive surveys among the leadership team and the broader coalition. An analysis of over 40 responses to the survey was conducted using various data analysis methods. Supplemental research data was gathered on comparable organizations and their own DEI journeys.

The final 28-page report, titled Instilling Values of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into the National Ocean Protection Coalition, was released after the four-month research analysis phase was completed. The report was shared and presented to the full organization, with opportunities allowed for questions and discussion among the group and anonymously. Based on feedback from our team, the Leadership team committed to discussing the findings and implementing the recommendations at the Strategic Planning Meeting the following month.

You can read the full report here:

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